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Anchorage Messianic Fellowship
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q Are Messianics Jewish or Christian?

A Messianics are comprised of ethnically Jewish and Gentile believers in Yeshua (Jesus), the Promised Messiah of Israel.  Messianics draw from a wealth of both traditions.  Like mainstream Judaism, Messianics observe Biblical holy days, are Torah observant, use traditional Jewish liturgy in worship, and practice many customs and traditions that appear Jewish.  By the same token, we believe in and confess that Yeshua (Jesus) is the Promised Messiah spoken of by Moses and the Prophets.  This is the major difference between Messianic Judaism and mainstream Judaism.  Also, we do not believe that the oral Torah (Talmud, various Rabbinical halakhah) is inspired, nor do we observe all Israeli/Jewish customs and traditions.  We are similar to mainstream Christianity in that we believe in salvation through faith in the Messiah, and not in our own works, and we believe in the inspiration of both the Old and New Testament.  However, we do not observe traditional Christian holidays such as Christmas and Easter, nor do we believe that the Torah was done away with at the coming of Messiah.  (For a slightly more detailed answer, click here.)


Q Are you a "two house" congregation?


A No, we are not.  Two house teachings emphasize the "lost Israelite heritage" of all believers.  It holds that all Christians are physical descendants of the 10 Lost Tribes of Israel.  The logical conclusion of this doctrine is that all believers are, in fact, Israelites.  We do not view this as Biblically complementary.  Yeshua opened the door for Gentiles to be grafted on to Israel, to become heirs in the Covenant.  Two house teaching, we feel, negates this.  Although we do not personally believe and accept two house teaching, this is a light matter.  We are friendly with many two house Messianic believers and do not see this difference as a reason to cause separation among us.  Doctrinal issues like this are not discussed regularly in our fellowship, and are not major issues in our eyes.


Q Are you a formal church?


A No, we are not.  We are simply a home-fellowship group.  We do not have a pastor/rabbi, a church building, or large attendance.  However, we run our services just like a Messianic congregation.  We use traditional Jewish liturgy, follow an annual cycle of Torah and Haftorah (Law and Prophets) readings (while including corresponding New Testament readings) and meet regularly on Shabbat and for the holy days.  Our format was developed through our involvement with various Messianic congregations in the past.  Although it is different from the structure of many mainstream churches, we do incorporate prayer, singing, Scripture reading and life-application-based discussions.


Q Where is AMF located?


A We meet in homes, so you'd have to contact us to get the details.


Q How do I contact AMF?


A Excellent question.  You can got to the "Contact AMF" page on this site, or you can email us and

Anchorage Messianic Fellowship